Curious Cannon Falls Stories

As the weather gets cooler, a gardener's planting options change to match the seasonal climate. Even though some think spring or summer is the best time to plant, fall includes many flower, veggie and tree choices that any homeowner can situate for optimal blooming.

Lend a Hand To Clean Up the River

The 13th Annual Cannon River Watershed-Wide CleanUP will happen on Saturday, Sept. 18, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m., across the region. 

The Cannon Falls Military History Museum will be open Labor Day weekend with an extensive display of Spanish American War, Mexican Border War and World War One historic military items. Displays include: The Weapons of War, Women at War, Buffalo Soldiers, Pioneer Infantry, Cavalry,  Air Servi…

Arlo Hark and Josephine Trople have both been surrounded by agriculture their entire lives. Both grew up on their respective family’s farms. Trople in Washington, running cattle and making hay, and Hark was raised on his family’s small farm near Lonsdale.

Unwind at Acacia Studios

After a year like 2020, millions are exhausted, touch-starved and in need of good old fashioned self care. 

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, but by February, many people have already thrown in the towel. Registered dietitian and nutritionist Joseph Gonzales talked to The Beacon about how to maintain that, often big, lifestyle change.

Tilion Brewery has a beer for everyone

From a classic American lager and a Belgian ale, to a marshmallow fluff cocoa stout and a mango milkshake NEIPA, Tilion Brewing Company has a brew for anyone.

When cable TV came to Cannon Falls in the late 70s, former Cannon Falls High School audio and visual teacher Jim Deacon took advantage of the new technology and the creation of public, educational, and government access (PEG) channels to create a community television station. 

John Burch Park has lit up the night for more than half a century, and baseball at the park dates back to the 1930s, according to Stadium Journey. The lights that allow night time usage of the park today, were installed in 2002 after a town-wide effort, including loans and a large fundraisin…